Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thing 23 Summary

This has been a wonderful experience.

Playing catchup is never fun, but I certainly enjoyed my learning experience. I found myself going ahead and exploring the sites, but never blogging about them. I was easily distracted and had to discipline myself to document what I was doing.

I found myself much more in touch with my children. I was able to discuss things with them for which I had no basis for discussion before. I am really looking forward to trying some of the things on my own. Wikis, generators, and keeping up to date with my blogline account.

I felt a sense of accomplishment when I figured out how to get something to work. I would definitely enjoy future sessions.

Thing 22 - Audio Books

I think this is wonderful. To download these books and play them in the car when I can't read is great!!!. I also loved the children's books for the same reason.

I wish I had known about this while my father was bedridden. It would have been perfect for him.

I downloaded from the Project Gutenberg site and also looked at just the E-books. What a worthwhile cause.

Thing 21 Podcasts

Although I know my childrens computers already have Itunes installed, I wasn't so lucky so I went ahead and tried the other free sites. was nicely organzied with convenient tags and easy searches. The second site seemed a more sophisticated site, with more adult content.

Like the videos in YouTube, with appropriate searching you can find some very useful and/or entertaining material.

Thing 20 - You Tube

When I first logged into You Tube I was amazed at the amount of junk videos that I needed to wade through. Why someone would upload a home movie perplexed me.

However, as I targeted my search I found more and more useful videos that pertained to things I was actually interested in. I also found a number of inappropriate videos that I wouldn't want to access accidentally. I see why the site is blocked at work.

Thing 20 - You Tube

Links to PowerSchool demonstrations.

Thing 19 - Wufoo

When I went to Web 2.0 Awards nominees, I chose to explore Wufoo. This a form generator site which collects and tabulates data, which can then be reported back.

While it may have been a little difficult for someone with no background in creating forms to follow, I found it relatively intuitive. Without actually sending out the form to collect data, I couldn't really explore the reports feature very well.

I think I need to add the "short List" to my rollyo so that I can refer back to it frequently.

Thing 18 Zoho Writer

I signed up for an account with Zoho Writer. I created a document, but wasn't sure how to share with anyone. A co-worker created a document and asked for my input. I received an e-mail telling me that the document was there. I made the changes/suggestions and saved them, but I'm not sure that she ever received the e-mail telling her that I had made changes.

Once I understand how this works, I think it would be very useful, particularly when away from the office.